potato washing peeling machinepotato washing peeling machine

Potato Washing Peeling Machine

Main Benefits
  • Peeling and washing
  • Browning inhibiting
  • Most compact precious design
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Customizable brush length
  • Easy to operate
  • Great for single working stations or production lines
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Potato Washing Peeling Machine

VER Potato washing peeling machine is suitable for peeling potatoes, carrots, taro, beetroots and other root vegetables. The potato washing peeling machine has a top water spraying function; each product is washed as the peeling process takes place. Our VER is into offering a wide array of potato washing peeling machine which is widely demanded by the clients for their availability in different specifications. Below please refer to the suitable potato washing peeling machine, and find out how our machines make your potato washing more effective.



  • Suitable for various root vegetables and fruits cleaning and peeling
  • Made of complete stainless steel and engineering plastic
  • High production capacity up to 1800kgs max. per hour
  • Top-water spraying and unidirectional rotary system
  • Peeling rollers are easy mounting/de-mounting
  • Most durable peeling rollers


  • Model
  • Production Capacity (Kg/h)
  • Custom Brush Length(mm)
  • Voltage(V)
  • Power Supply(Kw)
  • Weight(Kg)
  • Dimension(mm)


What is the application for this vegetable washing machine?

  • The vegetable washing machine could wash root vegetables(carrot, onion, ginger, potatoes, sweet potatoes, cassava, yam, radish, stem, taro roots), pickles, pepper, fruits(apple, pear, kiwi fruit). Also, it could wash soft product (shrimp and fish).
  • It features fast washing cycle (continuous washing cycle and running without interruption) with a hygienic and safe washing function.
  • This vegetable washing machine could be applied to restaurant and vegetable processing plant and central kitchen.

What’re the tips if I wash fish and shrimp?

The brushes can be separated to hard brushes and soft ones, the former is used to wash and peel root vegetables such as potatoes, carrots, the latter can be applied to wash and clean soft product, like fish and shrimp (soft brushes can protect fish and shrimp surface from damage).

What if I want to wash fruits in this vegetable washing machine?

This machine could wash fruits, just change the brushes to soft ones, it would not damage the product surface.

Can this vegetable washing machine peel potatoes as well?

By using the hard brushes, this vegetable washing machine could wash and peel potatoes simultaneously and effectively in one machine.

Is it durable of the vegetable washing machine brushes?

The brushes can be used as long as 5 years if you pay attention to maintenance. If brushes need to be changed, you can change them very easily by studying our sending videos.

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