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Fresh Meat Strip Cutter

Main Benefits
  • Great cutting precision compared to manual work
  • Gives maximum output without waste
  • Hygienic production process
  • Efficient, safe operation and easy maintenance
  • Easily handle by one operator
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Fresh Meat Strip Cutter

The fresh meat strip cutter is a compact and durable machine for slicing, strip cutting and dicing a whole variety of products from fresh meat, chicken breast, bonelss fish meat, jerky, pig ears and more. With a wide variety of sized cutting heads, it is suited with every application, increasing and improving your products presentation and increase your productivity.



  • High cutting precision
  • Easy to adjust for thickness from 5-70mm
  • Smart system for sorting
  • Up to two lane operation
  • Perform in-feed and out-feed automatically
  • Intelligent to produce same weight
  • Recommended for boneless and fresh meat cutting
  • Made in stainless steel and other non-corrosive materials
  • HACCP and CE authorization

1.Chicken Breast Fresh Meat Strip Cutting Machine Detail Parts Intorudction

Chicken Breast Beef Meat Strip Cutting Machine

2.Fresh Chicken Breast Beef Meat Strip and Cube Cutting Effect Show?Chicken Breast Beef Bonelss Fish Meat Strip Cutting Machine Effect Show

3.All Fresh Meat Strip Cutting Machine will be well wrapped with film before put in plywooden case, which ensure you received in good condition.

Fresh Meat Strip Cutting Machine Package


  • Model
  • Mesh Belt Width(mm)
  • Mesh Belt Speed(m/min)
  • Max Meat Width(mm)
  • Min Cutting Thickness(mm)
  • Max Cutting Thickness(mm)
    45(customized to 70)
  • Productivity Capacity(Kg/h)
  • Cutting Height(mm)
  • Power(Kw)
  • Dimension(mm)


Why should I order one strip cutter and dicer?

For starters, every businessmen wants to cut down the cost as much as possible and generate high revenue and profit. Strip cutter and dicer can cut down a huge labor cost which you pay hourly/weekly/monthly and also increase the production rate up to 100x than a normal person. This meat strip cutter is highly recommended for small good stores, supermarkets, butcher shops, industrial kitchens, the wholesale sector and other meat productions.

What is the application of this strip cutter and dicer?

VER strip cutter can dice various productsfrom steaks, schnitzels, jerky, liver, stir fry, diced meat, chicken strips and seafood all from the one machine. And also useable for processing fresh, Frozen or tempered & cooked meats, poultry and fish.

What about the productivity for this strip and dicer?

This strip and dicer has two lane operationwhich can dice up to 150 pieces per minute.

Is it available to change the cutting thickness?

The thickness could be adjusted from 5mm-50mm by changing the cutting heads.

How to clean the strip cutter and dicer?

Whenever you planned to clean the machine, make sure all the plugs are disconnected and blades cover are closed. Move the machine somewhere in the middle far from the switches so no electric shock occur. Mild warm water is recommended with a soft cloth, also you can apply detergent on the surface. Our machines have:
? All stainless steel construction and sanitary design
? There are no bolts or nuts in the cutting drum or product area.
? There are no sharp edges or projecting parts, thus effectively
? eliminating “dirt-traps”.
? All welds are continuous and polished

Is it safe to operate this strip cutter and dicer?

It is both safe on operation and food standards to use this strip cutter and dicer. Full automatic feeding and slicing, equipped with a low voltage control relay, thermal relay and a direction control switch. All these factors helps to prevent operators from industrial accidents, also guarantee consistent meat quality.

What warranty do you offer?

One-year standard warranty applies on strip cutter and dicer. Extra spare parts are also delivered in the same package.