Bread Crumbing MachineBread Crumbing Machine

Bread Crumbing Machine

Main Benefits
  • Most extreme vigor and strength
  • Reduces men power and wastage of ingredients
  • Easy to operate and maintain
  • Speed accuracy and efficient with no noise
  • Fit for breading various products
  • Easy to install in a wide range of production lines
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Breading Crumbing Machine

The bread crumbing machine is successful and designed to host fish, meat, ethnic and vegetable after the procedure of battering. The simplicity of exchanging batters permits the maker, the flexibility to boost its highest efficiency with the entire product range.

The bread crumbing machine coat the surface of the products and a weighted top conveyor assist to channel the product through the tank, ensuring that the product remains completely immersed in the batter and coat the bottom of the products by the special designed lower conveyor.

It is fit for chicken, beef pork, breading meat, seafood etc. and suitable for restaurants, bakeries, and other food production industries.



  • Suitable for both refined and crude crumbs
  • Outstanding circulating systemminimize the damage to bread crumbs
  • High quality air blower to remove excess crumbs
  • Excessive breading is reduced down by vibrator springs
  • Creative design merge with stainless steel
  • Sensible structure and solid highlights
  • In conformity with the standard of HACCPand CE authorization


  • Model
  • Belt Width(mm)
  • Adjustable Speed of the belt(m/min)
  • Input Height(mm)
  • Output Height(mm)
  • Power(Kw)
  • Overall Dimension(mm)


Why should I order one breading machine?

  • The breading machine is ideal for both fine and coarse crumbs ensures product consistency and quality, easy to clean, simple to operate.
  • Reduction of labor by up to 80%, enhances ingredient usage, sparing your cash.
  • Universally used for onion rings, pickles, cheese curds, and other smaller protein cuts like chicken tenders, thighs, and wings.
  • Suitable for restaurants, bakeries, and other food production industries.

How should I choose the right breading machine?

Please email us your productivity, belt width and what kinds product (the thickness and size) you want to process? VER technical team will get in touch with you and help you to choose the right breading machine.

Does the fryer waste oil if it is connected to this breading machine?

The roller of the breading machine press the food first,then after blow,reduce the extra bread on cover, it could help reduce breading usage up to 40% and extends oil life some 10%. So when the products be conveyed to the fryer, it will largely save oil and labor.

What is the application for this breading machine?

VER breading machine produces a wide range of various products. It mostly used for nuggets, croquettes, meat and fish balls, fillets (meat, fish, and poultry), finger fish, scotch eggs, etc.

What tips for ordering one coating line?

This breading machine can be merged with forming machine, battering machine, flouring machine, frying machine, steaming machine. By combining them all you get a form a full automatic prepared production line.

Just let us know for what purpose you are going to use it for along with your specified requirement (productivity and belt width) so we can recommend a suitable production line.