Mini Battering MachineMini Battering Machine

Mini Battering Machine

Main Benefits
  • Fit for battering various product(s)
  • Stainless steel made and portion non-metal material
  • Easy operation and maintenance, work efficiently with no noise
  • Excellent production process
  • Easily detachable and easy to clean
  • Space saving with adjustable height
  • Safe and reliable
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Mini Battering Machine

To make the perfect mini battering machine, we’ve spent many years developing a space saving, compact machine flexible enough to efficiently bread almost anything that goes into a fryer such as: nuggets, croquettes, meat and fish balls, fillets (meat, fish and poultry), finger fish, scotch eggs.

With pump structure, the battering machine divides the batter on food equally and eliminate any un-wanted batter from both bottom and top by blower.It is realizable on space between upper and lower wire belt, so that the mini battering machine could producemultiple varieties of products.



  • Continuous coating system
  • Semi-auto speed adjustment along with stainless steel wire belt
  • Batter pump fitted, minimize impacts to batter viscosity.
  • Forming and portioning
  • Dryand wet coating
  • Frying and oil treatment
  • Spiral and inline cooking
  • Grilling, roasting and pasteurizing
  • In conformity with the standard of CE authorization


  • Model
  • Belt Width(mm)
  • Input Height(mm)
  • Output Height(mm)
  • Power(Kw)
  • Productivity(Kg/h)
  • Weight(Kg)
  • Overall Dimension(mm)


Why should I order one battering machine?

  • The battering machine is highly recommended for adding coating value to the product and creates an interest for the consumer and can be used for batter chicken, onion rings, vegetables, cheese and more.
  • It easily replace and minimize the mess which usually occur while operating by hands.
  • It is fit for croquettes, battering nuggets, fillets (meat, fish and poultry), scotch eggs, usage for bakeries, meat and fish balls, finger fish, restaurants and various food production industries.

How should I choose the right battering machine?

Please tell us your productivity, belt width and what kinds product (the thickness and size) you want to process, then our team will choose the right battering machine for you.

Does the fryer waste oil if it is connected to this battering machine?

Our special design of batter pump can greatly reduce the cutting of the batter, and the battering machine spay thin batter on food evenly, un-wanted batter will be removed from the top and bottom by blower. So when the products be conveyed to the fryer, it will largely save oil and labor.

What if I need to process different food?

Thanks to upper and lower wire belts distance adjustment, our battering machine
could produce a wide range of variety products. The battering machine divides thin batter in different sizes and thickness and spread on foods evenly.

What tips for choosing one coating process line?

This battering machine could be incorporated with breading machine, forming machine, flouring machine, steaming machine, frying machine,packaging machine,instant freezer and others to form a full automatic prepared production line.

Let us know your requirements in detail: productivity, belt width and what kinds product are to be processed, then our technical staff will get in touch with you to cater your requirements and recommend a suitable option.