VER Wishes-Happy Dragon Boat Festival!

June 18, 2018Admin
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Chinese and South East Asia people celebrate dragon boat festival on Monday, which is also called Duanwu. This is a festival which is In honor of the great patriotic poet Qu Yuan. He jumped into Miluo River for protecting his belief in heart.

Nowadays, Dragon boat festival means having union for most Chinese, they take three days off from heavy work and back to their hometown. Also it means shopping days, for most supermarkets and shopping mall will have a promotion. No matter what, this is a happy holiday which for relaxing mood.

Here VER wish every body having nice vocation.

VER Wishes-Happy Dragon Boat Festival

Here we have a glance at how Chinese celebrate their traditional Duanwu Festival.

Dragon Boat Race

VER Wishes-Happy Dragon Boat Festival-2

Eating Zongzi


Welcome you come to beautiful China for visit, and start a new trip of learning more Chinese traditional festival. Contact VER for knowing more about China customs and humanities.


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