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April 3, 2018Admin
Dough Divider | VER Food Solutions

The dough divider is a pastry and bakery industrial equipment piece. It helps you do volumetric division, not to mention you can round up pastry and bakery dough with great success. You can use it as the means to replace manual labor with a mechanic system. The dough rounder and divider is a commercial unit, and it helps you boost the productivity rates with great success. It helps bring in front tremendous results and the features are very good in this regard.


Components of Dough Divider
The commercial dough divider has a press with cutting blades, an upper structure that’s moved by a level, reel plates for proper dough placement, as well as a dough rounding system. You also have a control system that makes the process faster and more convenient. Lastly, there’s also a press depth tuner inclusion, as this offers the right space adjustment in between the dough and press.

Dough Divider Unique Features

The thing to note about the dough divider is that it offers you a very good way to create pastry and bakery products with great success. The features are among some of the best on the market and the return on investment is huge all the time. These include adjustable kneading stroke length, removable bowl and plant that’s easy to clean and an independent kneading and rotation speed!

Also, the thing to keep in mind here is that many dough dividers tend to have safety and hygiene features. Things like adjacent materials added near the cutting portions are fully made from stainless steel will help you quite a lot. Then there are also some features that pertain to the commercial dough divider stability too, which is extremely important.

Dough Divider Rounder | VER Food Solutions


High Product Capacity
Yes, capacity is very important because you are dealing with a commercial unit. The VER commercial dough divider can easily give 30 – 150 portions per minute with single-outlet divider. So you want the results to be accessible quickly and as fast as possible. The units offered by VER Food Solutions are bringing in multiple heavy duty casters and the unit can be cleaned really fast too. This does bring in front a tremendous convenience and value that you can rarely find in this situation.


If you want a reliable commercial dough divider, you may want to give the VER Food Solutions dough divider a shot. It’s an amazing product, and one that offers you a very good return on investment. Plus, it’s a versatile unit that can be adapted to suit your needs. Create a list with the features you need, contact VER Food Solutions today,? you will have no problem finding the results you want!


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