• What Should You Consider When Ordering Patty Forming Processing Line?

    patty forming processing line, patty forming machine, patty maker

    A patty forming processing line includes forming, battering, preduster, breading, frying, air cooling, IQF machines, which is an ideal line?for making hamburgers patties, chicken nuggets, fish fillet, chicken strips, etc. This line has a wide application for butchers, super and hypermarkets, butcher shop, take away shop, fast food,?deli, restaurant, food processors. Here are 7 points […]

  • VER Wishes-Happy Dragon Boat Festival!

    mini chicken nugget processing line, dragon boat festival

    Chinese and South East Asia people celebrate dragon boat festival on Monday, which is also called Duanwu. This is a festival which is In honor of the great patriotic poet Qu Yuan. He jumped into Miluo River for protecting his belief in heart. Nowadays, Dragon boat festival means having union for most Chinese, they take […]

  • How To Meet A Better Chicken Nugget-VER Mini Chicken Nugget Processing Line

    Mini Chicken Nugget Porcessing Line

    Nowadays, you could find chicken nuggets everywhere in every fast food, takeaways, hamburger shop, or supermarkets. They are in high demand, ranging from children to the old, busy workman to free time house woman. With VER mini chicken nugget processing line?you can easily meet the daily increasing huge amount for chicken nuggets and boom your […]

  • 4 Reasons Why You Should Invest A Semi Automatic Dough Divider In The Bakery Business?

    Semi Automatic Dough Divider

    I like to make bread/pizza at home and make delicious dishes for my family, but what troubles me is that it takes a long time to divide the dough. More importantly, these parts have different shapes and different weights. Imagine that you are making a pizza or bread in a bakery. Do you need to […]

  • Hamburger Production Line-How To Get Thousands Of Hamburger Patties Every Day?

    Hamburger Production Line

    Imagine how many hamburgers will people eat all over the world every year? An?old?from America eat 30,000 hamburgers in 46 years, while whole America, people eat more than 13 billion hamburgers one year. Think about the large quantity, how big the hamburger industry. If you keep your customers of the fast food shop waiting, what […]

  • How Does A Bun Divider Rounder Provide A Winning Combinition For Your Bakery Business?


    Nowadays, A bun divider rounder is quickly and widely applied to all kitchens and bakery shops all over the world. Image you divide the doughs by hand one by one, how many pieces can you make in one hour? Maybe you are very fast, could divide 500 pieces one hour but how can you ensure […]

  • Multipurpose Vegetable Cutting Machine For Your Vegetable Processing Industry That Is Worth Every Penny

    Multipurpose Vegetable Cutting Machine

    You could cut vegetable quickly for one person meal, then how about you need to prepare lunches for 3,000 people and keep them getting the delicious dishes in no time? If you spend too much time in vegetable chopping, how can you ensure all your customers could have their lunch at the right time? Then […]

  • 5 Signs You Need A Twin Speed Dough Mixer

    Twin Speed Dough Mixer

    Whether you are a?housewife, chef in bakery shops or worker?in an industrial setting, VER Twin speed dough mixer?could supply highest efficiency with maximum time and labor saving?that will fit in perfectly with your kitchens,?bakery shops and factories. Do you mix dough by hand over and over for similar items day after day? Are?you?tried of manually […]

  • Meat Horizontal Slicer: Investment In Your Meat Portioning Industry

    Horizontal Slicer

    Tired of cutting meat cube and slicing by hand and want to slice boneless pork, beef, chicken breast?with ease and precision? VER Meat horizontal slicer?make light work of your heaviest-duty meat slicing task.?Widely applied to meat processing plants, butcher shops, and supermarkets, this meat horizontal slicer?will be good investment for saving labor and increasing productivity. […]

  • 5 Benefits You Can Get By Using Patty Forming Machine

    5 Benefits Get By Using Patty Forming Machine

    If you have a commercial food business, then it’s a very good idea to have a burger patty forming machine. This makes a lot of sense to have and it can offer you a huge range of benefits as well.   Here are 5 of the major benefits you get from your own patty forming […]

  • Why Should I Order One Dumpling Maker?

    VER Dumpling Maker | VER Food Solutions

    If you’re into creating desserts, you need to make sure that you acquire all the best machines on the market to obtain great results. With that in mind, the dumpling machine is a very good option. It allows you to easily create a variety of dumplings that you can impress everyone. The dumpling maker is […]

  • Buy A Dough Divider: Your Guide To Success

    Dough Divider | VER Food Solutions

    The dough divider is a pastry and bakery industrial equipment piece. It helps you do volumetric division, not to mention you can round up pastry and bakery dough with great success. You can use it as the means to replace manual labor with a mechanic system. The dough rounder and divider is a commercial unit, […]

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